Stars, Plants & Bugs

by Louis de Mieulle



Second album from french bassist/composer established in NYC.
1970s-flavored concept album about Life, Death and Rebirth.
Patchwork of music styles.
Soundtrack to a surrealist cartoon.

WARNING: Due to geographical restrictions/contractual obligations, this album can't be bought from Bandcamp. Instead go to Thank you.


released July 10, 2015

Louis de Mieulle: Fender bass, keyboards, composition
Matt Garstka: drums, glockenspiel
Casimir Liberski: keyboards
SharpEye: flute
Tareq Rantisi: percussion

Recorded and mixed by Aaron Nevezie at The Bunker Studio, NYC
Mastered at Masterdisk by Scott Hull, NYC
Artwork by Tom Schamp.




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Louis de Mieulle New York, New York

French composer/bassist living in NYC. Tries to reach the perfect balance between the experimental and the accessible - intellectual and sensual. First solo album "Defense Mechanisms" in 2011 (math-jazz fusion). Second album "Stars, Plants and Bugs" released in 2015 (progressive pot pourri). Both albums feature drummer extraordinaire Matt Garstka. ... more

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Track Name: Opening: Petrified Wood #1
On a warm summer night, at the outskirts of the mysterious teeming forest, Petrified Wood stumps tell their story…
Track Name: Gemini - part 1: Castor (YIN)
The Gemini constellation shines bright in the celestial vault, while Castor's song descends upon the Earth...
Track Name: Insect Party (aka Soundfrieze #2)
Insects gather for the Grand Bug Party. Wobbly millipedes, glowworm choirs, restless cockchafer, thieving ants: on the verge of chitinous chaos!
Track Name: Nanobot
Underground, parasites and outcasts meet at The Nanobot, a shabby bar where roaches, spiders and tapeworms drown their sorrow in cheap lichen alcohol...
Track Name: Green Hojary
Outside, the much revered Boswellia Sacra tree oozes its precious resin. Purification. Wisps of smoke fly away to the sky...
Track Name: Gemini - part 2: Pollux (YANG)
The Taurus Constellation glows in a troubling way. Tension is rising upon Earth. The Gemini Twins split; then reunite. But it's too late: the process has begun, "it" is happening. Last memories. End of Time.
Track Name: Taurus Asleep
Passing from one world to another. The Taurus constellation doesn't glow anymore. Gemini Twins sing their sorrow and revolt against Nature's inexorable law.
Track Name: Doff
An ancestral childish song is heard coming from a tiny new-born planet. Plants and insects emerge from their torpor...
Track Name: Malt
The Sun God awakes, and presents his prosperity to all things on Earth. Barley is turned into Malt - Celebration!
Track Name: Closing: Petrified Wood #2
Imperturbable, eternal, Petrified Wood stumps tell their story...